Return & Exchange

Returns and exchanges of goods are carried out in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights. You can refuse the goods at the time of their actual receipt, and also have the right to return the goods that did not fit you within 7 days , not counting the day of purchase, provided that the presentation and integrity of the packaging are preserved.

When returning goods of good quality, we will refund their value no later than 10 days after the receipt of the goods with your written application. However, within the specified period, we have the right to examine the goods in order to determine their quality and preservation of consumer properties. The terms for crediting funds to the beneficiary's bank account depend on the internal regulations of the recipient bank.

Should you not like the colour of the product, or the product itself, and you want to return it or exchange it for another available one, note that each case is considered individually. If exchange / return is possible, you can call a courier for a fee - 450 rubles in Moscow and 650 rubles in the Moscow region (the cost of delivery to Moscow is paid in the regions), or make an exchange / return at the pick-up point. The condition is the complete integrity of packaging and documentation. Used goods cannot be exchanged / returned. Custom-made goods are not refundable, exchange is possible.